Make billing make sense

Our demand-based approach to billing analytics responds to the fast-changing day-to-day needs of telcos and CSPs and the challenges they face. Our solution is ECA – the only cloud-native billing analytics platform to provide your customer with fast access to billing insight with simplicity and clarity.

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Experiences that reward create customers that stay

Is it too much for your customers to demand the ability to analyse their billing in a way that makes sense to them, whenever they want? Spending time and resource on tasks that shouldn’t be so complex could end up costing you a valuable customer.

Our flagship product ECA is the only cloud-native billing communications software to provide your customers with fast access to clear, visible billing information. Easy to use, rich in features and highly customisable, ECA is next-generation billing analytics portal sure to keep them with you for a long time.

How we can help you

Feature-rich billing analytics for your business customers

More than ever, you need to deliver value-add functionality and usability in your billing communications, ensuring you retain customers by understanding what they need and providing the analytics tools they want.

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Unique technology to drive down your internal billing reporting and cloud costs

Our unique demand-driven analytics means you now only process billing data for your customers who need it. This game-changing technology will truly optimise your platform operating costs when compared with traditional solutions.

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Our Products

ECA for Corporate

For enterprise class customers, our solution offers the detailed analysis they need. And for you, that means only deploying minimum resources to deliver that in-depth reporting and insight.

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ECA for Small Business

Our on-demand option has all the essential features a small business customer needs. Billing data is processed and analysed on demand and this greatly reduces infrastructure costs.

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