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Meeting customer needs in a dynamic sector for over 15 years

By helping telecoms companies retain customers through user-focused billing communications alongside operational excellence, Soft Telecom shows the value of experience built up over time.

Founded in 2004, and after a decade spent delivering software to the ICT sector, Soft Telecom realised the needs of telecoms clients were changing. Billing data was becoming more important to businesses of all sizes – and their service providers were quickly recognising this. As the market evolved, the company began developing specialist billing analytics software, leading to the release of ECA in 2015.

A ground-breaking platform that rewrites the rules for billing analytics and reporting, ECA now deploys demand-driven analytics to streamline internal resources – while still retaining its primary focus as a value-enhanced service for CSP customers.

Our Team

Soft Telecom Dave Ready
Soft Telecom Dave McGahern
Soft Telecom Dave Harty