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It does not matter what their size or sector, every business telecoms customer deserves clarity in their billing – and in today’s competitive market they expect it. As a CSP, you deserve the capability to provide that easy-to-use bill reporting with minimum fuss and maximum efficiency.

Our customised telecoms billing analytics solutions will ensure you meet your customers’ needs and reduce customer churn. In addition, our approach to deploying applications and services only when needed, offers a better return on investment and lower operational costs when compared to other solution providers.

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Our Products

Soft Telecom ECA

ECA for Corporate

For enterprise and government customers, our solution offers the detailed analysis they need. And for you, that means only deploying minimum resources to deliver that in-depth reporting and insight.

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ECA for Small Business

Our on-demand option has all the essential features a small business customer needs. Billing data is processed and analysed on demand and this greatly reduces infrastructure costs.

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GDPR Privacy Compliance

ECA supports a range of features designed to protect customer privacy while also making it a GDPR – compliant data processing tool. Flexible controls over data encryption, anonymization and pseudonymisation means you still get value from the platform while not having to worry about compliance. Specific features include variable PI pseudonymization, data encryption at rest, and AES256 encryption for reports.

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On-premise vs. cloud

You can run ECA from the cloud or on-premise. Cloud deployment delivers auto-scaling infrastructure to meet user demand while you also pay only for infrastructure that is used. Costs can also be optimised by not having to support house servers and networks. While for on-premise, this way allows you align with existing IT deployment policies, use existing IT resources and deploy from internal microservices infrastructure.

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Can I use any cloud provider?2021-10-22T15:31:08+01:00

The ECA platform can be deployed in any of the leading public cloud platforms including Google Cloud, AWS or Azure.

Can I deploy ECA on-premise infrastructure?2021-10-29T16:31:51+01:00

Yes. Although ECA is optimised for cloud deployment it can still be deployed on-premise if required. Please contact our sales team for more details.

Where is my customer’s data stored?2021-10-29T16:31:20+01:00

This is up to you. Customer billing data can be stored with your existing cloud service partner within specified geographic locations or on-premise.

Does Soft Telecom have access to my data?2021-10-29T16:30:35+01:00

No. Soft Telecom does not process, have access to or host any of your customer’s billing data.

What billing platforms with ECA work with?2021-10-29T16:30:08+01:00

ECA can work with extracts from most platforms including Amdocs CES, Infosys, Netcracker etc. Please contact our sales team for more details.

What technical support do my team and end users receive?2021-10-29T16:29:45+01:00

Soft Telecom provide Tier-2 and Tier-3 support options for ECA deployments. Packages can be tailored to meet specific needs.

Can ECA present data from multiple sources?2021-11-10T20:58:37+00:00

Yes. ECA can can consolidate data from multiple billing platforms into a single portal for customers. This can accelerate your digital transformation programme but quick offering customers a single view of all invoices and data.

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