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ECA for Corporate

Maximise Your Customer’s Digital Billing Experience With the Best Analytics Solution on the Market

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A New Era in Enterprise Billing Communications

ECA for Corporate is a comprehensive bill communications platform for your enterprise and government customers. Now, larger customers with more complex billing needs can analyse activity, generate high quality reports and implement custom data hierarchies to suit the most challenging requirements. With its unique caching engine, ECA delivers a very unique user-experience allowing customers to effortlessly filter through data in any of its dashboards or portal screens – even for accounts with tens of thousands of subscribers.

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Favoured by Blue Chip Brands

Advanced, report-building tools allow your customers to create bespoke reports that can be securely delivered to accounts, line-managers or subscribers directly via email attachment or download links. ECA is currently being used by some of the best known technology, finance, and pharmaceutical companies to manage their mobile billing needs. And it provides a much greater degree of usability and efficiency than anything else on the market.

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“The ECA platform has lifted the bar for billing communications across all our B2B segments. Customer feedback has been really positive. The new microservices architecture fits well with Vodafone Groups cloud-first strategy and the demand-driven processing model is a game changer.

Soft Telecom have been a trusted and valued partner of Vodafone Ireland for many years and we look forward to working with them into the future.”

Senior IT Architect,
Vodafone Ireland

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“Since 2015 Soft Telecom has been a valuable partner to our business, enabling differentiation and a competitive position in the market. Soft Telecom is always pro-active and responsive, coming up with new ideas in an efficient and business oriented manner.”

EBU Telecom Products Department Manager,
Telindus, Luxembourg

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Cloud Native

Developed from the ground-up as a cloud native micro-services based platform, ECA can be deployed and managed easily, and at minimal cost. A centralised orchestration service allows administrators to control and view activity across the platform.

Cloud Deployment

Demand-Driven Analytics

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Reduced Operating cost

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Key Capabilities

From major financial services clients to government agencies, we understand large organisations and major brands have highly specific needs when it comes to billing communications.

We can provide your customers with a value enhanced service that will mean you stand out from your competitors to help retain and acquire customers. While at the same time, you can provide a core service for your customers to manage their billing with precision and purpose.

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How it works

How we maximise billing analytic operations by minimising resources required

Demand-driven analytics means you only process data that your customers need. And unlike traditional analytics services, you never have to waste resources on unnecessary and unused data analysis. As a cloud native application, ECA is quicker, more agile, and more efficient than the others as it is built and run in the Cloud.

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Demand Based Provisioning

ECA provisioning can be automated or demand-based. By allowing your customers to access their own billing analytics services, you can also reduce operating costs by only applying resources where they are needed. Customers that do need access to analytics and reporting will be facilitated while you won’t waste budget on customers that don’t. You can then make savings through reduced licensing, infrastructure provisioning, and data processing charges.