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Helping CSPs drive Customer Retention with Value Enhanced Services

Your B2B Telecoms market has never been more competitive. Whether Enterprise or SMB, customers of all sizes now expect so much more from their billing communications. More than ever, you need to deliver clear billing reporting and functionality, ensuring you retain customers by understanding what they need and providing the tools they want.

Our ECA solution gives your customers more insight, greater control, and a full view of the bigger picture on their telecoms billing – delivering a truly best-in-class user experience.

Soft Telecom value enhanced billing

Insight On Demand

Now your customers have full visibility of mobile and fixed services, tracking usage, and charges in one integrated platform. This gives them real insight on their billing, and the ability to evaluate trends to enhance decision-making and billing intelligence. Robust analytics also ensures they get reports in the form required so no wasted hours having to review manually.

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Soft Telecom insight on demand

Control & Compliance Assured

Enhanced access to billing data means more control of billing resources for customers, including reduction in manual admin time thanks to automated reporting. Built-in compliance tracking also ensures un-authorised non-compliant behaviour can be identified and resolved.

The Bigger Picture

Our ECA solution allows customers to do their own audit inventory, meaning they have full visibility of all services, usage and costs. Governance on the customer side is also optimised as individual business units are now able to self-manage usage and charges.

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Embracing Transparency

Build a trusted relationship with your customer by working with them to adapt the right plan based on their own usage. In turn, this means more effective cost-control for them, driving better telecoms ROI – leading to a more transparent customer-provider relationship.