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Maximise Customer Satisfaction with the Most Efficient Billing Communications Platform on the Market

At Soft Telecom, our long-standing experience and knowledge of the telecoms sector means we understand the challenges faced by both your customer-facing executives and your IT operations. Our ECA solution range combines an intuitive, value-enhanced, billing analytics tool for customers, alongside technology that delivers the highest standards in operational efficiencies.

Soft Telecom customer satisfaction

Value-enhanced services for your customers

Telecoms customers of all sizes are now expecting so much more from their billing reporting service. More and more customers are churning to competitors because they are not getting the service they expect or require. It is now crucial that you deliver first-class functionality and usability on your billing analytics and reporting. Our ECA solution gives your customers more insight, greater control, and a full view of the bigger picture on their telecoms billing data.

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Soft Telecom value enhanced services

Innovation that drives operational efficiency

Demand based analytics is a technology developed by Soft Telecom that means you now only process billing data for your customers that need it. Now you can maximise use of your cloud infrastructure and reduce your monthly spend – delivering all the benefits of a cloud native application. ECA offers speed, agility and efficiency when built and run in the Cloud.

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Built on cloud native technology

ECA is not just deployed from the cloud, it has been developed from the ground up as a suite of microservices and is managed through a centralised orchestration service. This cloud-native approach offers you significant benefits over more traditional application architectures when it comes to cost-of-ownership and service management.

Digital transformation informing organisational change

By offering your customers this value enhanced service, you can empower them to self-serve in true digital fashion. Collaborating with Soft Telecom, you have a partner who can support your Digital Transformation journey. And with ECA, you can benefit from a platform that offers customers increased visibility, data consolidation and integration with minimum fuss – while streamlining your own internal resources.

Soft Telecom digital transformation

Develop a new revenue stream

Differentiating your offering in a competitive market can be difficult. Our platform delivers such a level of insight and understanding for end-customers on their billing data that it becomes an integral part of their own operations and planning. By offering functionality like our ECA product range, you can give customers a value enhancement service or opt to charge for it as a value-added product line.

Soft Telecom develop a new revue stream
Soft Telecom flexible solution
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Flexible solution with minimum upfront cost

Because we fully understand the budget challenges faced by IT buyers, we have developed a dynamic, scalable pricing model. You can pilot our platform directly with your end-users, trial it with your customer care teams or roll it out market-wide. By using this low-risk entry level approach, we want to show you the power of our solution, while giving you total peace-of-mind to manage and deploy as your business requires.

Choose a greener way

Every organisation is now faced with the tough task of reducing carbon emissions. With our ECA solution, you will use less computing resources and infrastructure and help your business make another practical contribution to tackling climate change. Our cloud native software helps reduce energy cost and consumption, while minimising your carbon footprint.