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ECA for Small Business

Simplify Billing Communications
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Soft Telecom ECA for Small Business

Telecoms Analytics for Small Business

ECA for Small Business gives your customer the essential billing analytics services they need, and all from one compact portal interface. Designed for customers with 25 subscribers or less, clear dashboards track all activity, download reports, view invoices, and search usage records through a responsive easy-to-use web interface. ECA for Small Business uniquely only processes data from your Billing Support System when the user chooses to see it. This on-demand capability means no time or money is wasted processing data that isn’t accessed.

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Easy Integration Assured

ECA will even process historical billing data for the same customer if available, giving users trend data and access to earlier billing cycles. ECA for Small Business is deployed as a server-less application, so it will automatically scale to meet user demand meaning you don’t have to worry about capacity planning.

The service can be easily integrated into your customer care portal or operate as a standalone website. Whether used by internal care executives or account managers, a single view of customer activity is delivered across all stakeholders.

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Digital Value Enhancement

Real usability and operational excellence combine seamlessly to deliver a new standard of telecoms analytics for your small business customers.

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Key Capabilities

From hospitality clients to recruitment agencies, we understand small businesses of all sizes have specific needs when it comes to telecoms billing reporting.

We can give your customer-care and sales teams the tools they need to retain and acquire small business customers. While at the same time, you can deliver value enhancement to your business, providing that all-important digital self-service for your small business customers.

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How it works

How we maximise billing analytic operations by minimising resources required

Demand-driven analytics means you only process data that your customers need. And unlike traditional analytics services, you never have to waste resources on unnecessary and unused data analysis. As a cloud native application, ECA is quicker, more agile, and more efficient than the others as it is built and run in the Cloud.

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On-Demand Data Processing

Other billing analytics platforms simply take in raw data for all customers provided by the BSS each month before making it available to their end users. ECA for Small Business is much different. Our solution can process your customer’s billing data on-request before dynamically creating a portal experience in a matter of seconds. This means no more processing data for customers who don’t need it. And this translates into a much lower cost of ownership for the CSP.